Baltimore Maryland’s Murder Rate Worse than MS13’s Latin American Strongholds.

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Let that sink in. Baltimore Maryland (or bodymore murderland as locals have nicknamed it) has gone to the rats. Literally. Poor government and corrupt politicians have driven it into the ground (Somehow someone is going to claim this statement is racist) and many are saying Trump lied… But did he? All it takes is a simple google search.

According to The Washington Examiner an analysis of the murder rates done after President Trump criticized Baltimore Rep. Elijah Cummings over the weekend, Baltimore’s was reported at 56 per 100,000. The city is on track for 340 murders.

By comparison, said the Princeton Policy Advisors analysis, the murder rate in El Salvador was 50, in Guatemala it was 22 and Honduras was 38.

Kopits said that people “will no doubt be surprised to read that Baltimore has a higher murder rate than the Central American countries whose violence the left has claimed led to the asylum crisis…

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For more perspective, El Salvador is the refuge for the notorious MS13 who is most notably known for hacking their victims to death with Machetes. Their biggest source of income is in fact assassination, weapons trafficking, and extortion.

Its going to be hard for the left to argue facts even when their poster girl states that these countries are not safe.

This is just another example of what shit politicians can do to a city. Just look at Detroit. Its damn near in ruins now and much of what used to be of a booming automotive industry has all but left. The days of Detroit muscle are over.

So that leaves us to question whats next for Baltimore?

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