BAE Systems Just Tried To Pull A BenchMade!

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Looks like BAE just tried to pull a benchmade while they werent destroying guns to appease the left they tried to “condemn violence” via social media and subsequently kicked the liberal hornets nest the were attempting to calm. Many believe the post to was a poor attempt at Virtue Signaling to appease the left by BAE, who manufactures some of the most advanced weapons systems in the world, after one of its employees was arrested for posting anti immigration fliers and assaulting a police officers.

According to Breitbart BAE Systems a British defense contractor and military weapons manufacturer which sells weapons to Saudi Arabia, virtue-signaled its “ethical principles” and support for “cultural diversity” this week, declaring that diversity is the company’s “strength” and that it condemns “racism” and “violence.”

BAE Systems was mocked for its attempt to virtue signal “ethical principles,” with social media users pointing out that the company profits from war.

“Thank you…[checks notes]…BAE Systems for condemning violence,” joked one user…

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A weapons manufacturer that condemns violence? Isn’t that kind of like if Trojan started to condemn promiscuity? Needless to say we found the irony hilarious and had to share this gem.


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