Is Bacon Jesus a Sign of End Times or Just Breakfast?

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Today we had an epiphany.  We found Jesus.  Not in Church or at the bottom of a bottle, but in Bacon.  This made us think, could bacon Jesus be a sign?  Could Bacon Jesus be a movement?  So we did some Googling and found that there is a Bacon Jesus Video

That’s not all.  Further research revealed Bacon Jesus has his own Twitter feed @baconjesus

However Bacon Jesus has not tweeted since 2011.  Should that be a cause for concern?  Is this a sign that end times are near?

Further analysis shows the website is down AND the Bacon Jesus Church on Facebook only has 8 members.

With all that is wrong in the world, I pray to Bacon Jesus that he returns in the morning right next to some Over Medium Eggs and some crispy hash browns.


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