ArmaSpec, Highspeed Gear at Budget Prices! (Shot Show 2019)

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We payed the armaspec booth a visit during our stint at shot show and needless to say we are impressed! Armaspec has redesigned their Recoil buffer spring and its even quieter and smoother than the previous version. The Armaspec recoil buffer spring replaces the milspec buffer and spring within the AR platform increase performance and getting rid of the twang every time a shot is fired the operation is smoother and really improves the function of the firearm. Additionally, they have just announced their new charging handle using a different design from the gas buster their chargine handle directs the excess gasses down and away from the shooters face. This is a problem often encountered especially running suppressed platforms. Armaspec offers a wide variety of quality parts without the huge pricetag!

If you would like to get your hands on some of Armaspec’s gear for your next or current build we have listed a couple of the products below. The good news is we just got the Gen 2 recoil spring into stock and are in the process of restocking the XPDW stock! Either way we are highly impressed by the price points and the quality of the product mentioned!

Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer

The Sound Mitigation Buffer™ SMB ™ is a single-stage drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring. The Sound Mitigation Buffer ™ is designed to keep the buffer spring from rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube providing smooth,quiet operation. Pat. Pending. Heavier weights will be available!

Rhino R-23 Tactical Magwell Grip and Funnel

The Rhino R-23™ tactical magwell grip and funnel is designed to significantly improve magazine reload speed and firearm handling. Attaches to standard AR15/M4 lower receivers without any permanent modification to the weapon giving you a 60 degree magazine insertion angle.

Armaspec AST90 Assisted Short Throw Selector

AST 90 ™ is an ambidextrous 90 degree short throw safety selector for your AR15/AR10® firearm. The ambidextrous Assisted Short Throw ™ safety selector is a patent pending product that is unlike any other safety you have ever tried. It enables the operator to rapidly disengage the safety with a flick of the thumb while still maintaining all the original safety functions. When you move the safety from safe to fire and pass about the 45 degree point, the safety will automatically continue to travel to the fire position.

Armaspec Stealth™ Recoil Spring


The Stealth Recoil Spring comes with Red LOCTITE on the front metal stop and Blue LOCTITE for the bottom bumper, when reassembling we recommend reapplying LOCTITE. The Stealth recoil spring can be installed with or without a buffer retainer. The polymer bumper goes towards the rear of the firearm and the weight mass with the o-ring goes towards the bolt carrier. (9mm Bolt Carriers ONLY)For proper function of the SRS-9 in your 9mm rifle or pistol, the extra weight on the back of the bolt carrier needs to be removed. It is held in with a spring pin. Most bolt carriers have a rear opening of over .60″, there are a couple of bolt carriers in the market place that have a rear opening of under .60″ and will not function with the SRS-9.

XPDW ™ Stock

The Armaspec XPDW ™ stock is an aluminium 5 position stock with hardened steel rods. It incorporates a ambidextrous switch so the stock positions can adjusted from either side.The XPDW™ is designed to mount directly on your standard mil-spec buffer tube with not other modifications. Pat.Pend.



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