Antifa leader Arrested after assaulting Marines.

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Somehow these men did not die. We dont know how they managed this feat. But normally when some knuckle dragging neckbeard assaults or attempts physical harm on a marine there is an ensuing beatdown of epic proportion that usually follows. Antifa has proven time and time again to be the masters of terrible Ideas and this one takes the cake. We’re gonna guess that the Marines attacked felt sorry for these basement dwelling mouth-breathers and decided not to unleash the power of Saint Mattis on their pathetic miserable lives…

According to The Tribunist photographic evidence makes identifying suspects much easier. That’s something Tom Keenan, 33, is experiencing first hand. When video emerged of Keenan attacking participants at the “We the People” rally on November 17, Keenan had few options except turning himself into authorities. Now he’s facing charges of criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats.

Keenan is believed to be one of the leaders of a loosely organized Antifa group in Philadelphia, where the rally was held. Keenan allegedly was part of a larger group of individuals who assaulted a group of Marine reservists.

During his tirade, Keenan called the Marines “Nazis” and “white supremacists.” When video of the event emerged online, the pressure mounted. Shortly thereafter, Keenan turned himself in to Philadelphia Police.

According to police,” Fox writes, “U.S. Marine Corps reservists called the cops after a group of ‘numerous males and females’ approached them around 3:20 p.m. the day of the rally.”

“The suspects then maced the complainants, and then proceeded to punch and kick them,” the Philly police wrote in a statement. “During the assault, one of the complainant’s had his cell phone stolen by one of the male suspects.”

Not all of the cell phones were stolen, though, so video of the Antifa counter-protest survived and was posted online. It isn’t clear if the reservists were even attending the rally, or if something else set of the Antifa group, resulting in the…

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