Bill limits ammo purchase to 20 Rounds a Month!

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The gun grabbers of Oregon are at it again. This time introducing multiple bills that will not, I repeat will not lower crime or stop criminals from committing crimes. All these bills will do is restrict responsible gun owners from being able to defend themselves or participate in the shooting sports they love. Again, another law is being pushed through based on feelings and not facts. writes that while gun rights activists across the country have been focusing considerable attention on the war being waged against Washington state gun owners, because that state is something of a “test tube” for gun control schemes, there’s a second front in the effort to erode the Second Amendment going on south of the Columbia River in neighboring Oregon.

Perhaps the most onerous of these is SB 501 sponsored by a pair of Lake Oswego Democrats – State Sen. Rob Wagner and State Rep. Andrea Salinas – that would require a person to secure a permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving a firearm. This was legislation submitted at the request of the anti-gun Students for Change. The Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) declared this bill to be “the most extreme” of the anti-gun measures so far before lawmakers in Salem, and the group maintains a roundup of all gun-related bills introduced in Salem.

Under provisions of SB 501, receipt of a firearm without a valid permit could land someone in jail for up to 364 days, and impose a fine of up to $6,250. Failure to secure a firearm with a cable or trigger lock, or in a locked box, could result in 30 days behind bars and a $1,250 fine.

But the most alarming tenet of the bill is a restriction on the amount of ammunition someone can purchase in any 30-day period. SB 501 would limit someone to getting 20 rounds a month. Critics say this ammunition limit is nonsense, as it would effectively preclude practice for competitors, and would be a burden on hunters, especially those who hunt waterfowl…

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You can view SB 501 HERE!

This is the type of shit we’re dealing with. People like this. The people that say a freakin hat is the new symbol for hate with no factual basis to prove it on are also the same people who are saying because a gun is black and scary looking it should be banned. Its just fucking ridiculous.

As always it is extremely important that you as responsible gun owners take action against these constant attacks on the second amendment. Sharing a post on social media is not enough. Its time to be active contacting your legislatures and representatives. Go vote! Make sure these idiots aren’t afforded the chance to infringe on your rights. The other side is doing it make sure you are too!

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