ANOTHER triggered Snowflake Meltdown!

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Trump derangement syndrome strikes again with another member of the tolerant left. Agree with them and their views or you’re a racist!

…and the trigger this time, again, is a hat. They always lose their sh*t over a hat. You know Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat. A normal mentally stable person would see something they dont agree with and continue on about their day like an adult. But for some reason anytime a liberal sees a trump hat its like kicking a box of nitroglycerin. They just EXPLODE for no reason often resorting to screaming, kicking punching, or even spitting on the person whose views or apparel do not align with theirs.

Lets be clear. There are absolutely no racist connotations associated with the hat let alone the president. But you know since its an opposing viewpoint that’s their only argument. That or trump supporters are misogynist, or fascist, the list of trigger-words goes on. It would seem that they (the left) only agree with first amendment rights when it aligns with their own beliefs.

Well in San Francisco, California it happened again! According to Yahoo a President Trump supporter was assaulted in a post office for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, turning a camera on her harasser.

On Friday, Paloma Zuniga, a Mexican-American businesswoman was mailing a package at a post office in San Diego, Calif. when, according to her, a woman ahead of her in line said, “You should be ashamed of yourself for wearing that hat, you stupid b****.”

Zuniga says she ignored the woman but switched on her camera. “As a Trump supporter, I deal with this kind of stuff a lot,” Zuniga tells Yahoo Lifestyle. The “political influencer” of the Facebook account Paloma for Trump, has admired the president since 2007, especially his position on immigration and “the voice and courage he gives to Americans.”

On Zuniga’s recording, the woman says, “Don’t talk to me and don’t record me.” The video gets shaky, which Zuniga says occurred because the woman struck her phone and grabbed her wrist. “Don’t touch me!” yells Zuniga. “You have no reason to harass me because of my hat.”

The woman says she didn’t harass Zuniga, but a postal worker claims, “I saw it.”

“I don’t care if you don’t agree with me,” says Zuniga. “I have a right to wear it.”

“OK, racist,” says the woman, yelling, “The president is racist.” She demands to speak to a supervisor and the employee threatens to call the police.

The woman turns around and smacks Zuniga’s phone. “I said, don’t tape me!” she yells, and in turn, records Zuniga.

“Make sure you share it everywhere because I support the president of America,” says Zuniga. “And if you don’t agree with it…

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…and here the case is no different. The Snowflake has a meltdown assaulting Paloma.

Attacked by a liberal for my hat!

Posted by Paloma for TRUMP on Saturday, April 6, 2019

However, by the time the police arrived the snowflake had fled the scene.

This seems to be a growing trend with more and more occurrences appearing around the web. If you remember awhile back we covered the Vape Shop Employee who couldnt stop screaming at a trump supporter like a toddler which ultimately cost him his job! Thankfully employers even if they are on the other side of the political fence are dealing with employees who do not know how to act within a professional environment.

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