Angry VEGANS Try To Stop Hungry Patron.

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This is pretty damn great. How these skinny little sjws thought they were going to stop an hungry freight train is beyond me.

Check out the video below!

According to the Tribunist A video was posted online that showed a group of vegan advocates blocking people from entering a burger joint in Copenhagen. The video starts with the group chanting about how eating meat is ruining this earth because the cows are emitting methane gas.

A large man quickly appears in the video and tries to get past the protestors so he can eat. The group of 15 to 20 people tried to hold the man back from entering the establishment, but they must have been unaware that people who are hangry can move mountains. The group of protestors to him is nothing more than pesky gnats.

The hangry man becomes irate when the group holds hands to stop him from entering. Instead of just going to another establishment, the man begins to curse at the group in a thick accent. He then plows through the meatless protestors with ease and stares down the group who are suddenly irate that he got physical with them.

Not deterred, the Danish man stares down one of the protestors and gets right in his face. The protestor, who looks visibly concerned for his safety, cowers down in fear, while the others in the group yell…

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