Anderson Breaks Out Early 4th of July Sale That BREAKS THE INTERNET

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Coming in HOT off the press release ANDERSON is REVAMPING their entire webpage.  Promising to make it more user friendly, also, they are shelling out some pretty good savings by posting up their 4th of July sale EARLY as well..  A couple of us at Tactical Shit have Anderson parts on our rifles we have built and they have been running strong for a long time now. Swing on over there and check it out!  Look for some tests of this “No -Lube” rifle as well in the near future!

HEBRON, Ky., June 30, 2017 – Anderson Manufacturing, one of America’s leading AR-15 and AR-10 manufacturers, is launching a new website. Customers, old and new, can expect a cleaner homepage, making navigation quick and easy for a smoother overall shopping experience.

“Searching, dealer locator, and checkout process are much easier,” said Trisha Rector, the Marketing Coordinator at Anderson. “For example, if customers are looking to purchase an Anderson Rifle, they can easily find their local dealer on our Dealer Locator.”

Anderson Manufacturing is currently co-owned by brothers Carl and Charles Anderson. The company was started by their Grandfather in the 1950s in a small chicken barn and has seen rapid growth in the last 50 years. But Anderson quickly became a household name when they introduced the world’s only no-lube rifle in 2010. Any rifle with the RF-85 treatment only needs to be cleaned with a mild soap and water. According to Anderson, RF-85 is the process wherein calcium is injected into the molecular fabric of the metal. This makes for 85% less friction, and no need for oiling.

But Anderson’s success stems from more than this no-lube anomaly. They keep the customer at the forefront of all the decisions they make. “The customer is everything,” said Anderson Manufacturing President and Co-owner, Carl Anderson. “They come back because we make both an affordable and a quality product–two traits that are often not seen together within the industry.”

The new website will not only allow for an easier customer experience, but will help to maintain the sheer quantity of customers. In an article published by Shooting Industry Magazine in 2016, Anderson Manufacturing was named one of the top 25 U.S. Gun Manufacturers of 2014, fitting snuggly between GLOCK, Inc. and Colt’s Manufacturing. It took Anderson only 7 years to achieve what it has taken other gun manufacturers decades. Excellence and Integrity continue to make Anderson Manufacturing a worthy competitor, living up to their motto: Affordable, American Made, Quality.

Check out their SALE HERE!!!

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