Americas Fastest Growing Tactical Gear Shop Now Sells Guns!

Since it was founded in 2013, Tactical Shit has always focused on everything besides guns.  Our philosophy was that there was a gun shop on every corner in America but nobody got the rest of it right.  Our mission was to build a brand where gun owners that were as passionate about their country as they were about their own defense and the protection of those that they love and hold dear.

In the beginning we actually only sold morale patches and other 2A swag.  Then during the Ferguson Crisis and subsequent years of Law Enforcement being targeted, we began to dominate the armor, plate carrier and tactical gear industries.   We then went on to become a juggernaut in the gun parts online business supplying builders and customizers with the parts they need to perfect their AR and Glock platforms.

In 2017 days after the Vegas Shooting, we stepped up when others stepped down and became the national clearing house for the now illegal “Bump Stocks”.  To this day we fight along side Firearms Policy Coalition to get this decision reversed.

In September of 2019 we became an ammunition dealer the same day Walmart decided to stop selling ammunition.

Now we are in 2020, the dumpster fire year.  Ammunition is hard AF to get due to 9.2 million first time gun buyers and a global primer shortage due to demand and Covid related factory shut downs in Italy and Germany as well as the USA.  Gun parts are scarce and guns especially good ones are almost impossible to find in stock.  Most quality manufacturers are backordered on AR15s until July 2021!

For this reason we have decided once again to evolve our brand for the betterment of our fans and customers.  We have the relationships,  We have the buying power, and now we have our FFL.

Today we launch  Gun Sales at!   Not only are we launching gun sales but we have more inventory of awesome weaponry than anyone else right now and available for IMMEDIATE SHIPPING!  No Backorders!  No Pre Orders!

Shop our guns now!