All Firearm Policy Coalition Members Protected From Bumpstock Ban!

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BREAKING! D.C. Circuit orders a stay of the Trump Bumpstock ban as to the named appellants in FPF’s #bumpstock lawsuit Guedes v. BATFE (no. 19-5042) (@theadamkraut is one of the attorneys!) and the consolidated Codrea v. BATFE (appeal no. 19-5044). This is an important step in the right direction but LOTS more legal work to do! Chip in $10 and support the case at FIGHTATF.COM to enter to WIN a @sonsoflibertygw M4-76! Case docs/info at

The relief is granted to the named plaintiffs, which extends relief to the organizations and their bona fide members…”

That means that it’s the US DOJ’s position that ALL FPF MEMBERS are currently protected against the ATF’s Bumpstock Ban Final Rule through the Court’s stay order in our FPF/Guedes litigation! (See for more about this important case.)

You can become an FPF member RIGHT NOW by making a small donation to fund this important fight — as little as $1 makes you a member TODAY!

This came a few days before Trumps ban went into effect turning thousands of law abiding citizens into felons overnight!

You can also Join the FPC in battling mission-critical Second Amendment lawsuits, or working to stop anti-gun bills in Congress, They are doing everything in our power to stop anti-gun billionaires like Bloomberg and overreaching politicians like Dianne Feinstein.

The only way to fund the pro-liberty lawyers, lobbyists, and grassroots activists is through the support of their members, so please consider joining the FPC Grassroots Army.

By joining FPC, you will help defend the Constitution from civilian disarmament and restore our Founders’ Second Amendment.

As a thank you for becoming a member today, they’ll send you their official FPC membership kit including a new, limited edition patch!

Don’t put this off! The Second Amendment hangs in the balance. Join the FPC Grassroots Army Today!

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