Airforce Deletes the most savage tweet ever!

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Within the past week a auditory illusion sound clip has taken to social media and different people have either reported hearing laurel or Yanny. Since everyone hears at different frequencies they will hear either or. Well the Air Force chimed in after a sortie taking out Taliban forces.

As you can Imagine the higher ups within the organization were not amused by the airman’s post. It was quickly taken down and an apology was issued. Which was most likely the result of some bleeding heart liberal complaining.

According to Popular Mechanics the Air Forces actions have started a secondary controversy with many saying the air force should not give in to Political Correctness.

Honestly they are right. For one terrorists are not people. They have no humanity and are the lowest form of life on this planet. They gave away their human rights the second they start beheading people and using children as human shields. Fuck them. Additionally, Political correctness is getting to the point where its over the top and It needs to stop.

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