Air Force General Loses Star For Making Pig Noises At Airman.

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…Dammit chairforce.

A General has lost a star after harassing an airman about her weight.

FoxNews reports that after an investigation into his professional conduct uncovered alleged bullying – going so far as making pig noises at a female colleague over her weight – a report says.

The allegations against Lt. Gen. Lee Levy, who retired as a two–not three-star–general on Nov. 1, were detailed in an Air Force Office of the Inspector General report recently obtained by the Air Force Times. Levy was the former leader of the Air Force Sustainment Center in Oklahoma, which provides maintenance for a variety of planes.

Witnesses reportedly told the inspector general that during Levy’s time there, he made numerous weight-related comments toward a woman under his command – despite her never having trouble meeting the branch’s fitness standards.

“Oink, oink… Are you really eating again?” the woman claims Levy told her while she was eating lunch one day, according to the Air Force Times.

A witness in the report claims Levy said something similar to “If you lose a few pounds, maybe the vehicle would have less strain on it.”

When asked about those allegations, Levy told investigators that he didn’t recall the “oink, oink” incident or directing other comments toward the woman about her weight and eating habits, the Air Force Times reports. He added that if he did say things like that, “it was part of a good-natured give-and-take between the two of them,” the report said.


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What do you think? Was the general just making sure those under him were fit to fight or did he take it too far?

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