Aftermath Of Kenyan Base Attack Released! *Graphic*

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Footage and pictures of the aftermath have been released across several sources including social media.

Fox13 reports that a US service member and two civilian contractors working for the Defense Department — were killed in the attack carried out by Al-Shabaab, US Africa Command, which is responsible for military relations with nations on the continent, confirmed to CNN. Two DOD members wounded in the attack are now in stable condition and are being evacuated, Africa Command said.

The attack occurred at a Kenya Defense Force in Manda Bay, Kenya. Sources have previously told CNN that the base was used by US Special Operations forces working with the Kenyans.

According to Funker530 at least four of the attackers’ bodies were recovered, as well as several weapons and equipment. Local reports said a US C-146 Wolfhound and a modified Dash 8-202 spy plane were destroyed as well as two US helicopters and multiple ground vehicles. Those reports were not confirmed by the US. No Kenyan or AFRICOM reports have been released regarding friendly casualties.

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