Accident Victim Attacks FireFighters For Taking Too Long!

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A man attacked fire fighters for taking ‘too long’ to put out his burning car in St Louis. After he threw a punch one of the Firefighters was able to subdue the suspect until police arrived and arrested him. The firefighters are not pressing charges but do want him to get some help.

KMOV Reports that the victim of a car fire punched two firefighters because he thought they were taking too long to put out the fire.

The incident happened near the intersection of Shreve and Natural Bridge Friday evening.

Firefighters said they were trying to put the fire out when the car’s owner thought they were working too slowly, so he started punching two of them.

Firefighters said the man had crashed his car into another.

A video shot by a witness captured part of the incident and showed firefighters holding down the man before letting go. He then lunged toward one of the firefighters.

The video also shows the man punch one firefighter and that firefighter defends himself, dodges the punch and drops the attacker…

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