6 year old Missouri girl is dead after being accidentally shot by brother

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Say it with me. If you can afford a gun you can afford a safe. There is absolutely no reason this shit should happen. If your gun is not on your person IT SHOULD BE SECURED. There are a variety of products available on the market that can secure your weapon in your home or vehicle that still allow you access within seconds. But… but… their expensive! So was that Sig! The more you bring up safety or anything that mitigates dangerous situations the more people want to put a price-tag on it or bitch about the design.

FoxNews Reports A 6-year-old girl in Missouri died Friday after police said she was accidentally shot in the head by her 12-year-old brother while their parents were at a Christmas party, reports said.

Fox 2 Now reported that Maliyah Palmer was shot in the head and died at a nearby hospital. The two were reportedly being watched by a 16-year-old brother. Florissant police responded to the shooting at 11 p.m.

The 12-year-old reportedly found the 9mm pistol inside a dresser in his parent’s bedroom and fired the gun. His sister was near him.

“All of the officers who responded to the scene are mothers and fathers, so you can only imagine how personal it is to see a child shot in the back of the head. We will have counselors here for a debriefing hopefully this week to make sure the mental state of our officers is OK,” Timothy Lowery, the police…
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Even something as simple as a cheap cable lock gun safe could save your childs life!

There are a variety of safes available online. You can even wander down to the local wally world and buy a cable lock-box. Really ANYTHING is better than nothing. If your worried about price or the function of a device then keep your firearm on your person. Its act that is so simple and so easy that it can save so many lives.

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