4 Items to improve your vehicles functionality and looks!

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Here at tactical shit we are alot more than just plate carriers and gun parts. Theres alot you can do to improve your vehicle as well, in not only looks but utility too! Tactical shit has many items to fortify and improve the looks of your daily beater!

VAULTEK VR10 (Secure your firearms and valuables in your vehicle)

Meet the new standard in personal security.

The all around multi-purpose security device fit perfectly for your truck car or next to the bed. Grab your shit quickly with the new VR-10 model.

Vaultek was out to set a new standard for personal security, while at the same time seeing to the quality you’ve come to know with the entire Vaultek™ lineup.




No matter the impact, your safe is constructed to take the hit and keep on ticking.


Your safe was built with security at the forefront of our thoughts.


We’ve made sure every inch of your safe is built to the highest possible standards.


Your safe lasts up to 3 months on a single charge.

Tactical Truck Ceiling Two-Gun Mount -Tactical Model

The Center-Lok Model CL1502T Overhead Gun Rack is designed to transport tactical-styled firearms in full-sizecrew cab pickup trucks with center doorposts.  With Great Day’s patented “Opposing Forces” installation system, the Center-Lok Gun Rack can be installed or removed in an amazing two minutes!  No drilling, no bolts or screws required.

The Center-Lok is designed specifically to accommodate the unusual shape of tactical weapons. The weapons are positioned snuggly against the truck’s headliner in cushioned, moldable cradles—out of sight of passers-by. Instant access to the weapons is as easy as pulling two Velcro tabs.

The CL1502T is constructed of super-strong aircraft and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

Made with pride in the USA!

Tactical Shit Gun Spartan URL Vehicle Window Decal

Many of our fans have added this to their back window to show that they are a tactical sh*thead. Now you can show your support to the store with the same great spartan gun helmet with www.shoptacticalshit.com. Looks great over a Molon Labe decal or other pro 2A decal.

Distressed Flag Hood Graphic

Show your American Pride with the new Distressed Flag hood graphic. Now Available in Multiple Colors!!!!! Will fit most models of vehicle. Approx: 23″ x 36.5″ Made from safe for paint vehicle vinyl.

Available in:

  • Gloss Black
  • Dark Grey
  • White
  • Matte Black*
  • Red*
  • Blue*
  • Thin Blue Line* (may be added to all colors)
  • Thin Red Line* (may be added to all colors)

*Please allow up to 1 week for shipping on stared colors

If choosing Thin Blue or Red line option we will send you a confirmation email to confirm flag color. You can choose any other color for the flag.

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