15 year old girl shoots mothers abusive boyfriend!

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Anytime we find an article which a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy we are going to share the shit out of it. Liberals always claim that a good guy with a gun doesn’t stop someone from doing evil shit. Yet here is Another example of someone doing just that. a 15 year old girl shoots her moms boyfriend after he assaulted her then threatened to kill the rest of the family!

The Tribunist writes

Steven Kelley kept multiple firearms in the home where he lived with his girlfriend, Chandra Nierman, 44, and he three children. On August 4, he assaulted Nierman and even used one of his guns to terrorize her, firing it several times while inside the home. But, on August 8, one of Kelley’s handguns would be his undoing.

Kelley, Nierman, and her three children – a 12-year-old son and two daughters, ages 15 and 16 – had moved to Forest City, North Carolina area recently, coming from Indiana.

A convicted felon with two active domestic violence protection orders against him, Kelley had multiple guns, according to a report by WYFF4, and often kept one with him.












On the night of August 8, Rutherford County deputies responded to a call of a shooting, arriving at Kelley and Nierman’s home on Lakeview Drive. Upon entering the residence, they found Kelley dead.


Over the course of the investigation, it was determined that Kelley assaulted Nierman. He began choking her while screaming that he was going to slit her throat and kill everyone else in the house.

Nierman’s son managed to make his way to a gun, which her 15-year-old daughter then took. The girl fired twice, striking Kelley in the chest…

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