14 year old Killed by Target Shooter.

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10 commandments of gun safety, 4 rules of gun safety it doesnt matter which you follow. They are in place to make a trip to the range or handling a firearm as safe as possible. As long as you follow these rules they chances of an accident can be mitigated. One of the Major rules, “Knowing your target and what lies beyond it.” Is often overlooked. Many people assume because they are on private property, an outdoor range, etc. that it is not needed because its only a bunch of trees that way… Right? Wrong. As one Target shooter found out there was a stretch of road beyond the woods and unfortunately her bullet killed a 14 year old riding in a vehicle with his family.

According to Fox13 a woman has been charged with negligent homicide for the accidental shooting of an Ogden teen in September.

Kayleen Richins, 40, was indicted Monday for one count of negligent homicide, a class-A misdemeanor after 14-year-old Zackary Kempke of Ogden was shot in the head while riding in a jeep with his family in September in Rich County.

According to a probable cause statement released with the indictment, Richins and her family were shooting at a paper target on September 23, in the Eli Ridge area of the Monte Cristo Mountain Range, halfway between Woodruff and Huntsville.

Richins was unaware that there was a road behind the target, the probable cause statement said, due to the fact that the road was not immediately apparent from where she was firing the rifle.

While Richins was shooting at the target, the probable cause statement said that the Kempke family was driving on the road that was not visible to see fall leaves. The family was driving through an aspen forest along the dirt road, when a single round pierced the jeep, causing Zackary’s immediate death, the…

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Again if you need a refresher here are the Rules for gun safety per GLOCK.

Follow the 4 Primary Rules of Firearm Safety

Rule 1
Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.

Rule 2
Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy. Always point the muzzle in a safe direction, away from yourself and others. A safe direction is where if the gun were to accidentally fire, it wouldn’t damage or injure anyone or anything.

Rule 3
Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are aligned on the target and you are ready to fire.

Rule 4
Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.
This includes making sure nothing is beyond your target that you don’t want to destroy.

Additional Safety Rules
Rule 5
Know your gun’s safety features.
Since the safety features of different guns can be so different, never handle any firearm without being completely familiar with how it works.

Rule 6
Train with all your guns.
Every gun is unique in the way it feels, handles, and fires, so it’s important to practice with every gun you own to get as comfortable and familiar with them as possible. If you go to a range or dealer and train on a regular basis, you will build muscle memory for how each gun fires, so you are natural and comfortable with each one even in stressful situations.

NOTE: Remember to always use appropriate eye and ear protection when training on the range.

Rule 7
Store your gun properly.
Guns placed in drawers, closets, desks, cabinets, or any other unlocked, accessible place are not secure. Always use a personal safe, or single gun lock box with a trigger lock placed on the firearm for an added layer of protection.

To learn more about safe gun storage solutions, visit a DEALER NEAR YOU.

Rule 8
Educate loved ones on gun safety.
Now that you know these basic safety guidelines, share them with your loved ones, including any children that are old enough to safely handle firearms. Bringing them to the range not only can help them get more comfortable around guns, but also shows them correct and safe use firsthand.

Rule 9
Ensure all users are properly trained.
Whether it’s a family member or friend, it’s essential that anyone else who will be using your gun is properly trained. Gun education, training, and classes are easy to find and affordable for both adult beginners and children over a certain age.

Both firing ranges and dealers host these classes, so both firing ranges and dealers host these classes, so CLICK HERE to find a range or dealer near you. to find a range or dealer near you.

Rule 10
Properly maintain your gun.
Maintaining your gun not only helps it last for generations, but also keeps it functioning safely. Gun maintenance includes proper use, cleaning, lubrication, and service.

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