[VIDEO] What is Z.E.R.T. ? An Interview with their Leader.

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Z.E.R.T. The Zombie Eradication Response Team. Zombie is a metaphor for the “unprepared” Look at the looters at Hurricane Katrina, the Rioters at Ferguson and Baltimore. These are Zombies. Notice how I didn’t put Zombies in quotation marks? It’s because it is FACT. It is Truth. SHTF these are the scum that are going to be banging on your door, trying to kick it in. Just to get food, water, ammo, meds, or whatever more nefarious objectives that infest their simple minds.

I personally have been a member of Z.E.R.T. for almost a year, and because of; not only have I made new friends, but I have learned more about shooting, survival, prepping, land navigation, survival hacks and more than I EVER did in the service.

It’s a “like minded” environment where I teach people combat and emergency medicine; and in turn they teach me what they know in trade. We have “Meet ‘n’ Greets, training on CQB, SERE, Survival training and more. Hell, I talk more with fellow Z.E.R.T. members than I do my own family.

Here is my Interview with the Founder XP001 as well as some of ZERT’s videos including the BAD A** Episode they did for NatGeo.


Trolls aside, (Trolls all suck BTW) If you have serious interest in Joining Z.E.R.T. and/or learning more about us, go to www.zertnation.com to find out more. Training, Brotherhood, SWAG; There’s nothing better on the planet. Except beer, Counter Strike Coffee, Sex and High Explosives.


This is Spike, Z8940 Signing OUT!



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