Veteran sends hundreds of pizzas to deployed troops for Super Bowl Sunday

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This is a prime example of “being your brothers keeper”!

I love stories like this! Here is a Veteran looking out for his Brother and Sister Veterans in the best way he knows how.


There are many ways to help and contribute to deployed Military members overseas. Some do it through letters, others use care packages and coffee. This guy uses good old fashioned Deep Dish Pizza!

Fox News Reports:

Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Mark Evans dedicates his life to sending Chicago deep dish pizzas to soldiers deployed in the Middle East.

Evans, who is based in the Chicago suburbs, is the force behind the non-profit Pizzas4Patriots, now in its ninth year. The group offers help to service members, veterans, and first responders by providing “America’s favorite food while they’re far away from home.” 

Evans, who made some important friends from his years in the military, decided to reach out to General David Petraeus. In an email, Evans explained to Petraeus that he wanted to send 2,000 pizzas to Iraq. From there, a cheesy partnership was born. 

Evans has been sending pizzas to the troops every Independence Day and Super Bowl Sunday since. The pies are shipped half-baked and the troops come up with creative ways to reheat the food– some even using the heat from Humvee engine. Since 2008, Evans says almost 170,000 pizzas have been shipped across the Atlantic. (Read More)

(Photo Credit: Pizza4Patriots via Fox News)


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