The 9mm Chicago Typewriter is HERE!

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For the first time in the nearly 100-year history of the Chicago Typewriter, it is being offered in a production model with a centerfire caliber smaller than .45ACP. Writes

The Kahr Firearms Group, who own the Auto-Ordnance line, introduced the Thompson Model T5-9L20 carbine chambered in 9mm Parabellum this week, complete with a 20-round stick magazine.

“Fans of the Thompson product line have been asking about a 9mm for a number of years,” said Frank Harris, VP of sales and marketing, in a statement. “We really think that this 9mm Thompson is going to be a hit with shooting enthusiasts across the globe.”

Machined from a solid billet of aluminum with walnut furniture, the semi-auto Thompson needs no tax stamps due to its 16.5-inch finned barrel and 41-inch overall length.

Designed by Brig. Gen. John Taliaferro Thompson in conjunction with Navy Cmdr. John Blish during World War I to help clear the Trenches of the Western Front, the Auto-Ordnance Company began producing Thompsons in 1921 with an initial contract filled by Colt. The gun went on to be a classic of World War II with over 2 million produced and the company continued making select-fire models until 1986. Since 1999, Kahr has owned the line.

During the early 1990s, Thompson produced the Model 1927A3, a .22LR variant, while the short-lived Volunteer Arms company chambered their Thompson-style Commando Mark 9 in 9mm in the 1970s, but other than that, the Tommy gun has always been in .45ACP.

Well, until now, anyway.

MSRP of the new 9mm Thompson, which ships with one mag, is $1,364.

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