Left-Wing Antifa Terrorists ATTACK Police at Patriot Prayer Rally In Portland (VIDEO)

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Sunday, left-wing Antifa terrorists ambushed the peaceful Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon at Waterfront Park.

The Patriot Prayer group is a conservative entity that is in no way affiliated with white nationalism. In response to the group showing up to peacefully assemble, hundreds of Antifa members swarmed to violently protest the assembly.

Portland Police put up barricades to separate the two parties, but they neglected to properly man the barricades and focused more on the roadways. Antifa quickly jumped on the opportunity and started throwing various projectiles and smoke bombs and some attacked officers with a fire extinguisher.

Antifa chased Patriot Prayer away after being approached by police officers in crowd control gear. Multiple Antifa arrests were made at the time and following those arrests, more Antifa began assaulting police officers with slingshots with at least one officer injured.


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