Eminem blames the NRA!

Eminem blames the NRA!
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Oh look. Its Eminem and again, the music, if you want to call it that, still sucks!

GunsAmerica writes

Rapper Eminem took a shot at the nation’s gun lobby Sunday while performing at the IHeartRadio Music Awards.

Before he launched into his song, “Nowhere Fast,” featuring Kehlani, he singled out the National Rifle Association suggesting it was responsible for the mass killing in Parkland, Florida.

“This whole country is going nuts/ and the NRA is in our way/ they’re responsible for this whole production/ they hold the strings, they control the puppet,” rapped Slim Shady.

I know articles on pro-gun websites that bash anti-gun musicians or actors for profiting off of violent depictions in their work have sorta jumped the shark by now, there have been so many instances over the years from Rambo to the Irish bloke who played that operator whose daughter keeps getting abducted by Albanian sex traffickers, that you probably feel that you don’t really need to read another one.

You know how the story goes. Famous jerk says we need to ban guns, destroy the NRA, repeal the 2A. Then said Jerk puts out a movie or a song glorifying violence. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Eminem raps about raping an 8th-grade swim team and yet he’s calling out the NRA for perpetuating the violence we see in schools. (Photo: Wikipedia)

I’ll agree that we don’t need another one of those articles. We don’t. But it’s so hard to resist the temptation to do just one more. Especially when you’re dealing with a chucklehead like Eminem whose lyrics over the years have been mired in the macabre.

For example, this lovely gem on the treatment of women, from the song “Low, Down Dirty,” that reads, “Slap dips, support domestic violence/ Beat your bitch’s ass while your kids stare in silence.”

Once you’re done beating your spouse (or an acquaintance’s spouse), you should take the party to the streets. Like so, “I’m the illest rapper to hold a cordless, patrolling corners/ Looking for hookers to punch in the mouth with a roll of quarters,” from “4 Quarters.”

And, in the same ditty, he extends the fun to mentally handicapped children. “Met a retarded kid named Greg, with a wooden leg/ Snatched it off and beat him over the fucking head with the peg.”

Warms the cockles. Doesn’t it? Those are just the tip of the iceberg, really. He raps about raping an 8th-grade swim team, taking his daughter on a trip to throw away the carcass…

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