CCW Laws in Missouri For Dummies

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Ok, so it’s January 4th, at the time I’m writing this so I think it’s time to go over what really is going on for constitutional carry.  Gonna keep our OPINIONS out of this and stick to the facts…  here goes

What You Need To Know About Missouri’s New Concealed Carry Law

Public buildings

Under Senate Bill 656, permit holders will not be authorized to carry in the following public buildings (but if they do it will not be a criminal offense): police departments, polling places, prisons, courthouses, government buildings, bars, airports, daycares, churches, sports arenas and hospitals. Under the new 2017 law, permitless carrying will continue to be illegal in these buildings. 


It will be a misdemeanor for concealed carry permit holders to carry in schools; it will continue to be illegal and a criminal offense for permitless carrying in schools.  

College campuses

Missouri is one of a dozen states where legislators are pushing for concealed carry on college campuses. Bills for concealed carry on college campuses have been introduced for several years in Missouri and legislators are expected to introduce similar bills with compromises in the 2017 session.

Posted private property

Persons with or without a concealed carry permit will not be authorized to carry on posted private property, but it will not be a criminal offense if they do.

Buses and metro trains

Both permitted and non-permitted carrying are illegal on buses and metro trains.

Carrying outside of Missouri

The Missouri Concealed Carry Permit is valid in 34 other states, including seven states that border Missouri. Permitless carrying is only legal in a handful of states.  

Concealed Carry Permit

Previously, Missourians wishing to carry a concealed firearm were required to possess a Concealed Carry Permit. The state required individuals to pass a firearms training course and obtain a background check and permit from their local sheriff’s department. With the new law, citizens can carry without a permit, but those that choose to have a permit can purchase a lifetime permit for $500. The new law also allows members of the military extra time to renew their permits. 

SO in an easy to read:

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So that’s about the long and short of it, make sure you stay up to date on these, because they change often.

Here is the current state of the Castle Doc. as well for Missouri.

Read up, get educated and stay safe!

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