A Comic Book Featuring Mat Best is Coming!

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Mat Best, Owner of Article 15, YouTube Celebrity, and Star of Range 15 will now be featured in comic Books, orrrr “graphic novels” as the neck beards call em.  Yup, 44 pages of awesomely drawn shit!  For Under $6 Bucks you can have your very own copy, so help these vets out and ENJOY! Transmission: Fog of War is a military veteran project, produced by Rob Vardaro, a Veteran of the US Marine Corps.

Rob Vardaro was born in the town of Westford Massachusetts and attended Westford Academy high school, graduating in 2007. He served with 1/8 Marines from 2008-2011, in both Iraq and Afghanistan where was blown up by multiple road side bombs, staying with his men after being injured.

He then went into movie acting and has been in multiple notable movies.

The Story:

​A medical clinic and research lab, as well as a local village on a remote Pacific island, have gone missing. Concerns of a possible level 4 outbreak, has the Army sending a Special Forces team to escort a WHO doctor to the island, in order to assess the situation.

The nightmare the team discovers is  far more horrifying than any contagion, and getting the information off the island is going to require the fight of their lives.

Follow Mac and his Spec Ops team, as they confront one most horrifying enemies they have ever come into contact with; mutated baboons of a very aggressive nature.

The team learns that some things are better left alone.

The Team
  • Transmission: Fog of War is a military veteran project, produced by Rob Vardaro, a Veteran of the US Marine Corps.
  • The comic is drawn by Image and DC artist Richard Bonk, a US Army Veteran.
  • The book is written by Gerry Kissell, the creator of IDW’s best selling and Military Writers Award winning Graphic Novel CODE WORD: GERONIMO. Gerry is also a US Army Veteran, having served as a Combat Medic.
  • The book’s Senior Military Technical Advisers are Warriors inc., headed by Dale Dye.

The Cast:
The Cast of the Transmission Comic includes Mat Best, Nick Palmisciano, Ross Patterson, Scott Levy, Zack Ward, Rob Vardaro, Lesli Kay, Mary Dague, David McDivitt, Julia Dye, and Dale Dye.
50% of profits from book sales goes to Military Warriors Support Foundation, (after expenses).
If this is something you would be interested in, Pre Order YOUR copy HERE!
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