12 Situations for Self Defense Without a Gun

12 Situations for Self Defense Without a Gun
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Concealed Carry writes

While we are a firearm company here at Concealed Carry, even we admit that there are some situations that are more tactical or necessary, due to circumstance, to have the knowledge of how to defend yourself without a gun. We, as a company want to encourage safety and defense for you and your family, above all else. That’s why we offer the training classes that we do and why we work hard to give you the knowledge and the means to live a safer life, free from fear.

With that in mind, today we are going to take a look at many of these situations so that you’ll have the knowledge to defend yourself where a gun is unavailable. Each topic points to a valuable resource, expanding on it further.


1: When Your Attacker is too Close

In the event that your attacker is so close that it impedes upon your ability to grab your firearm, you must have an alternative way to create enough space and time to draw your weapon. To make matters even worse, a determined bad guy can make up a lot of space in a short amount of time.

young man holding knife isolated on white background

2: When You’re in a Place You Can’t or Don’t Have Your Gun

There are many places in the country where you cannot have your gun on you; courthouses, airports, even entire states. If the unforeseen occurs in one of these locations, or if it was an unfortunate day you forgot to bring your firearm with you, you need to have an alternate means of defending yourself.
Can't Have gun

3: When You’ve Run Out of Ammunition

This may not be a large problem in your mind, but the truth is even cops, who carry several spare magazines on their person can and do run out of ammunition. It’s something that can happen, and if it does, in a situation that calls for action, you’ll have to resort to other methods of self-defense.
Out of Ammo

4: If or When Your Gun is Inoperable

This is a situation that should not occur, but any occasion that shouldn’t occur doesn’t mean that it won’t. General upkeep and cleaning is necessary, but sometimes accidents and malfunctions will happen. Don’t let your only line of defense be compromised by a hardware error.
Blown Ruger-001

5:  When You’re Fighting Over the Gun

What if you weren’t quick enough on the draw? What if the adrenaline of an intense moment caused your hands to lose grip when they need it the most? An attacker with a fight response, that sees an opening to grab a gun will take the chance and in that case, you may literally have to fight for your life.

Martial artist disarming a criminal with a gun or close quarter combat

6: When You’re In a Big Crowd

It is a sad fact that collateral damage can occur in combat. Consider that many of the places that have a high level of threat of mass shootings are where a massive amount of innocent people are gathered. The last place to be trigger happy is in a crowd of innocents, so if the need for action occurs in a crowd, use a smarter, safer method of handling it.

Audience sitting in tiered seating watching a live performance or cinema, view from behind

7: When Dealing with Attackers from Multiple Directions

Multiple attackers impede our ability to act quickly. The mind can only focus on so many things at once. Drawing, aiming, and firing your gun in multiple directions, at multiple assailants can be difficult. Proper training both with and without your firearm is necessary to be able to thwart your attackers.

Outlines of dangerous guys outside

8: When Your Gun is Taken from You

What if the attacker managed to get your gun? What if the shoe is on the other foot, and you are now the person dealing with a gun in your face with no alternative but fight or become a victim? In that situation, you’ll need to fight to survive.

A criminal threatening an innocent man with his hands up

9: When You Don’t Have Enough Time to Draw Your Gun

Practicing reflexes in a controlled environment is one thing, but putting that training into action can be quite another. As stated above, a bad guy can make up a lot of time in just seconds. If you don’t see it coming, or your situational awareness is broken on the day you’re attacked, you may not be able to get your gun out of your holster. If you can’t, you’ll need to fight.

Man with gun threatening woman on white background

10: When the Threat Doesn’t Warrant Deadly Force

Not all situations require a gun. The ability to judge a situation correctly is something that takes a lot of constitution and brain power. You don’t want to be the person who goes down as an over-reactionary that causes people to have a negative view of those of us who are trying to protect ourselves.

A young adult teenage man threatens with his clenched fist. The hand is selectively in focus. Isolated on white background

11: When You’re Not Legally Justified to use Deadly Force

Not all situations allow a gun to be used. More than whether a situation morally calls for lethal force, some situations can get you into huge legal trouble for using lethal force. This again goes into judgment. Why risk years in prison in a situation that could be handled with a simple, yet effective bit of unarmed self-defense knowledge?

Jail Cells

12: If Gun Confiscation Occurs

What if the very essence of concealed carry was gone tomorrow? Are you more than the gun in your belt? Are you prepared to defend yourself through other means should you have to?
Gun Confiscation-001
The truth is anyone who cares about NOT being a victim needs to care about hand to hand self-defense training in addition to one’s firearm training. We understand that not everyone has the time to go to an physical class, so we have an affordable option that you won’t have to leave you house to practice.
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